Robert Barnett, JR. s/o Robert Barnett, SR 

Pike Co, MO Probate "I, Robert Barnett, of the county of Pike and State of Missouri, do make and publish this my last will and testament-- I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Matilda Barnett all of my personal estate whatsoever after first paying all my just debts. I also give to my beloved wife the said Matilda Barnett the full use and benefit of all real estate nown owned by me, while she remains my widow, said land being as follows - the East half of the NW Qr Section 29 and west half of the NE Qr Sec. 29, East half SW Qr of sec 20, all in Township 52 Range 3 West in Pike Co State of Missouri also the south half of the NE forth of the NE quarter of sec 19 same township & range and NE fourth of the SE Qr of sec 12 Township 52 Range 4 West -- and further, I give absolutely to my wife the said Matilda the following tracts of the above mentioned land to Wit: (repeat of above), the same and make title to giving her full authority to sell, to purchase, the purchase among to be used for her own comfort and benefit ____ of the family dependant upon her --This sale to be upon this express condition -- That she shall at the time of such sale still be my widow and also have the consent of Francis C. Barnett to such sale, and in case of his death, then the consent of a majority of my own children living at the time shall be necessary in order for her to make such sale -- Whatever property has heretofore been given to my older childre, I wish charged to them, so that at a final distribution of my property all will share alike. I hereby appoint Francis C. Barnett my executor to see this my Will carried out. In testimony whereof I hereto set my hand this 31st day of March 1870. Signed Robt Barnett. Signed and declared by the said Robert Barnett as his last Will and Testament, in the presence of us, who at his request have signed as witnesses to the same in his presence, and in the presence of each other, March 31st 1870. W. D. Orr , Witness (Others not readable on copy) 

James Fry - Elizabeth Baxter Fry Probate 
(Note from submitter: James Fry, Jr. died 16 July 1822. He married Elizabeth Baxter in Fayette Co, KY.)

Pike Co, MO Probate James Fry d. int. adm. Elizabeth Fry & Jacob Baxter 20 Sep 1822 29-30.

Pike Co, MO records B-384 June 1827. Jacob Fry & Harrison Booth adm. de bonis non of James Frye senr. dec vs. Elizabeth Fry & Jacob Baxter, adm of James Frye Jun. dec. dep in ---- Kentucky (appeal from county court) p. 399 for pltff. p. 420 pd.

Pike Co, MO Probate Settlement Bk p.10 6 Nov 1827. Jacob Baxter, guardian of America Frye, Polly Frye, Nancy Frye, William Frye, James Frye, Emily Frye, Noah Frye, Jacob Frye & Elizabeth Frye. Paid to Elizabeth for maintenance of heirs, Wm $20, Jas $67.50, Emily $110, Noah 153.75, Jacob $153.75, Elizabeth #153.75 = $658.75.

Pike Co, MO Book D p. 370 19 Sep 1844. John Stark & wife vs. heirs of James Fry (dec). Petition for partition
Total sale $34.20. Pay to John Stark & wife; Joseph Barnett & wife; Reuben Underwood & wife; Jacob Fry & wife; William Hunter & wife; Wm. H. Fry, James M. fry & Jacob Y. Fry, sum of $.27 1/2 cents each.

James Fry SR 
(Note from submitter: This is the father of James Fry, Jr. James Fry SR was married to Nancy Spears. He died in 1821 in Pike Co, MO, and according to my father who walked the Old Buffalo Cemetery (Jordan-Buffalo), both James Fry, Sr and James Fry, Jr. are buried there, but the markers are gone.)

Pike Co, MO Old Probate Bk #1 & Commissons pg 5-7 James Fry will 1 Sept 1821 to son Jacob Fry, other children Benjamin, James, Abraham, John, Nancy Becket, Polly Elliot & Rebecah Anderson, proved 8 Sept 1821

Joseph Barnett Will 

Pike Co, MO Probate B-5 Joseph Barnett, dec. bond, J. F. Barnett, James J. Crawford & Wm Stark sec. $12,000 10 Feb. 1870. 6-289 Heirs-John F. Barnett, Delia M. Crawford, Julia A. Barnett, Edna Barnett & Laura Barnett Pike Co., MO no will 19 Feb 1870 

Robert Barnett f/o Andrew 

Pike County Old Probate No. 1 & Commissions" Robert Barnett, will, dated 5 July 1818. 20 shillings each to sons, Andrew Barnett, Robert Barnett, and daughter, Tirrah Moore. Son, Hugh Barnett, to have tract to 160 acres in Illinois Terr. Balance to be divided equally between son, Hugh Barnett, and Sussanah Conger, Betsy McCord & Polly Daniel. Exrs, Andrew Barnett & James McCord. Wit: Andrew Barnett, Robert Barnett, Jr., and John Daniel. Proved by Andrew Barnett & John Daniel, 9 Oct 1821 pg 11-12

Andrew Barnett f/o Joseph Barnett 
(Note from submitter: Very few of the children are listed, and Salina is a second wife.)

Pike Co, MO Probate: Albert A. Newland & Susan R., wife, $400 by Wm C. Barbee, our right title, claim & interest in, and to the following described real estate inherited from the estate of sd. county, being the same lands sold by Merrill Jasper dec'd to sd Andrew Barnett & further described as, 25 a beginning at the creek at the mouth of the branch known as Jasper's Spring branch, then, & other land T52 R3W and subject to the life interest of Selina Barnett, widow of sd. Andrew Barnett __ day of August 1856, recorded, 30 August 1856. 




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