Pictures From an Old Album

The following pictures were kindly provided by Bertha Marshall. If someone can provide additional information on the subjects of any of these pictures, we would love to post it. You can contact Rhonda Stolte Darnell with any information.

You will see that a few of these pictures have been identified. Your webmistress had difficulty reading the name written with the picture, though, and may have misspelled it in the caption. Please don't hesitate to correct any errors you find!

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ernst_lizzie.jpg (2632751 bytes)
Lizzie Ernst
faltz_henry.jpg (3151542 bytes)
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Faitz
fantz_john.jpg (2515582 bytes)
Mr. & Mrs. John Faitz
fritz_christopher.jpg (3089871 bytes)
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Fritz
geller_john.jpg (2707041 bytes)
John Geller
goetz_harry.jpg (2723761 bytes)
Harry Goetz
goetz_laura.jpg (2695004 bytes)
Laura Goetz
haas_martin.jpg (2737074 bytes)
Martin Haas
jacob_ed.jpg (3068785 bytes)
Mr. & Mrs. Ed Jacob
jacob_george.jpg (2692265 bytes)
Mr. & Mrs. George Jacob
jacob_lizzie.jpg (2628223 bytes)
Lizzie Jacob
klirchrea_pacha.jpg (2336708 bytes)
Pacha Klirschrea
kninstra_frank_lizzie.jpg (1820155 bytes)
Frank & Lizzie Kninstra
merty_phillip.jpg (2827068 bytes)
Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Merty
ollwin_jacob.jpg (2638857 bytes)
Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Ottwein
ottwein_tillie.jpg (1965254 bytes)
Tillie Ottwein
ottweit_val.jpg (2772048 bytes)
Mr. & Mrs. Val Ottwein
patton_ed.jpg (2530873 bytes)
Ed Patton
pearl_willie.jpg (2755407 bytes)
Mr. & Mrs. Willie Pearl
petry_amer.jpg (2546174 bytes)
Amer Petry
press_clara.jpg (2783690 bytes)
Clara Press
uttirn_george.jpg (2715135 bytes)
Mr. & Mrs. George Uttirn
wagner_charles.jpg (2346876 bytes)
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Wagner
wagner_charles_1.jpg (1922420 bytes)
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Wagner
unid_01.jpg (2546771 bytes)
unid_02.jpg (2566409 bytes)
unid_03.jpg (2500049 bytes)
unid_04.jpg (1940092 bytes)
unid_05.jpg (1587056 bytes)


Note received 19 Nov 2012:

Just found photos of some of my family on your web site.
The names that start with U or O is spelled OTTWEIN.  This includes my grandfather and his brother, and some cousins.
Henry and John in the first row is FAITZ.
These people lived in and around Troy, Madison Co, IL.  (east of St Louis).
I wonder who Bertha Marshall is and what connection she has to these people.  A lot of the people are related to either Karl or Sabestian Ottwein.
Thank you.
Vicki Ottwein Fischer




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