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1930's Friends Gather at the Mississippi
(left to right) back row: Melba Crenshaw, Rachel Gillum, Bill Clifford, Mildred Gilllum, R.B. Scholl. Front row: Carroll Wells, Leah Luckey.
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Amish Oak Store amish_oak_store.jpg (68562 bytes)
Buffalo Fort
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Buffalo Fort
Upper Plaque
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Buffalo Fort
Middle Plaque
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Buffalo Fort
Lower Plaque
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Chicago & Alton RR Depot at Louisiana Chicago & Alton RR Depot - Louisiana, MO.jpg (220391 bytes)
Clarksville School, 1929 - 3rd & 4th grades
"Ruth Crenshaw is on back row, 2nd from right. Others not identified except I believe, the teacher was Jean Nicklin.
Rubyann Darnell"
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Clarksville, Hwy 79 in the 1930s
"My mother told me this photo shows the trees having been cut down in preparation of widening Hwy 79 through Clarksville. It has to be in the 1930's but I don't know just when. She identified the house on the right as the Clifford house. Dr. Zeke Barlett's house would be on the right but it is out of the picture. Maybe that will give you some idea just where along the road this was taken.
Rubyann Darnell"
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Clarksville High School, 1939 Graduating Class
"I have a photo of the 1939 High School graduating class of 6 students. I have attached it to this email. However, I only know 2 of the 6 students and hope someone will be able to identify the rest. Their names were: Ruth Annetta Crenshaw (my aunt, pictured center front), Raymond Asbridge (back row, right), Sarah Brown, Leola Ferell, Ellen Virginia McLeod, Juanita Estella Wilcox.
Rubyann Darnell"
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Clarksville Public Library pic_cville_lib_sign.JPG (511256 bytes)
Clarksville Public Library pic_cville_library.JPG (41779 bytes)
Curryville City Limit
Population 251

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"Little Red School House"

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Home of Champ Clark
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Louisiana Public Library
Built 1904
Est. 1905
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Louisiana Public Library Cornerstone la_public_library_cornerstone.JPG (235244 bytes)
Louisiana Public Library Sign

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Shortline RR Depot
at Bowling Green
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Monument in Veterans' Park, Louisiana

I pledge allegiance
to the flag of the
United States of America
and to the Republic
for which it stands,
one Nation under God,
indivisible, with liberty
and justice for all.
Pledge of Allegiance

mon_veterans_park_memorial_front.JPG (775749 bytes)
Monument in Veterans' Park, Louisiana

In Honor and Memory
of all the brave men
and women who served
in the armed forces
of the United States
of America to keep
our country free.
American Legion Post 370
May 1993

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New Harmony Ball Team new_harmony_ball_team.jpg (84824 bytes)
Autumn in Pike County pike_mo_fall.jpg (47777 bytes)





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