Bethlehem Meeting House
Building Bond

Bond for the Building of the Bethlehem Meeting House & Commissioners Order

Pike County, Missouri , Dec 21 1833

We, the undersigned subscribers, being desirous that there should be a meeting house built in the neighborhood of the Bethlehem Baptist Church as hereby agree to pay the sums set opposite our respective names for the purpose of building a house house to be known by the name Bethlehem Baptist meeting house on a donation of land made by Alexander Henry and Samuel Pepper the sums subscribed by each of us to be subject to the order of the church aforesaid for the purposes aforesaid witness our hands the date above & after. Subscribed names: Joel Griffith $10.00 paid; J L Williams $1.00 paid; Vincent Kelly $9.00 paid; Adam Walker $5.00; __________ $2.00;Alexander Norton $5.00 paid $2.00; William Boggey $10.00 paid $5.00; Henry Schooler $2.00; B Gibson $2.50 paid; Josiah Grimmess $2.00 ; Mountjoy Adams $2.00; Thomas Elliott $2.50; Jesse Griffith $3.00; Joel Griffith, Jr $3.00; Robert Dillin $2.00; James McCorde $5.00; John L Luke $5.00; W F Dobyns $5.00; J A Seth Williams $2.00; John Emery $5.00; Sam Pepper, Jr $10.00; James W Booth $5.00; John Mackey $5.00; M Templeton $2.00.

May 10 1834

He, the person whose names are subscribers to the subscription lists for the building the Bethlehem Baptist meeting house will please pay the sums set opposite their respective names to James S McLoed or Drury Christian and their receipt shall be a full discharge for the same by order of the church aforesaid witness our hands the date above.

Joel Griffith, Vincent Kelly, Wm McLoed, commissioners.


Know all men by these presents that we or either of us are held & firmly bound unto Joel Griffith, Vincent Kelly, and Wm McLeod commissioners for the building of the Bethlehem Baptist meeting house in the sum of three hundred dollars will and truly to them to be paid on or before the twenty-fifth day of Dec, 1836.

The condition of the above obligation is such that whereas the said Joel Griffith, Vincent Kelly and Wm McLeod, commissioners aforesaid have paid us the sum of two hundred eighteen dollars for the building and completing a meeting house of the following dimensions to witt: 44 feet long by 20 feet wide with an offset in the middle to 8 feet long to protect 4 feet a sufficient ----- above and below two doors and three twelve light windows to be well pointed with stone and lime mortar to be done in a plain strong workmanlike manner and to correspond with the plan laid down by said commissioners now provided that the said house is completed on or before the 25th day of Dec 1834, then the above obligation to be null and void other wise to remain in full force and virtue witness our hands & seals this 10th day of May 1834.





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