Newspaper Bits, Pieces and Clippings

Following are bits, pieces and clippings from old newspapers. These give us wonderful glimpses into the lives of our ancestors. If you have any newspaper stories/clippings you would like to add, please forward them to Rhonda Stolte Darnell.
Please be considerate and do not forward material which is copyrighted by someone else.


Names Mentioned:


Eddie Spegal

Forrest Janes

Edward B Kanan

Nelle Tilp

Janet Stubbelbine

Bill Stubbelbine


Unknown Year
Names Mentioned:


L.L. Weir

Frank Baxter

Jeffrey Craig Baxte

Lisa Berry

Kenneth Baxter

Jennifer Baxter

Karen Baxter


Published 4 May 1960
Names Mentioned:


Susan Branch

J.D. Hearn

George Gailey

Wilma Parrish

Sharon O'Donel


Published 4 May 1960
Names Mentioned:

Mac E. Coverdell


Published 4 May 1960

Names Mentioned:


Bill Emerson

Tom Curtis



Names Mentioned:


Marvin Kindred

Patricia Diane Kindred

Winnifred Hodges

Rachel Hodges

Carl Kindred


Names Mentioned:


Judson Bibb

Herbert Bibb

 Byron Dunham

Loyd Riggs

Lyss Moore

Hazel Moore

Luther Gillum

R.W. Riggs

William Liska

C.L. Robinson

Ray Bibb

Walter Seiller

Walter Steinhage

William Liska

William McMillan



Names Mentioned:

Mallie Fuqua



Names Mentioned


William Lyons

Waldo Hudelson

Ruby Hudelson

Shirley Hudelson

H.W. Hudelson



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