Pike County, Missouri
Civil War Soldiers

* Please Note: This list is typed exactly as handwritten by the submitter.
Some loyalties are missing because they were missing on the handwritten list.
If you have any question as to your ancestor's loyalty, please confirm with other sources.
If you can confirm a different loyalty than listed here, please let us know so we can correct the website.

Akers, Hugh Henry Confederate
Allen, William N.2
Allison, William C. Union
Alwad, Lewis Union
Anderson, George Union
Anderson, Jesse Union
Applegate, Josiah Union
Applegate, Samuel Union
Applegate, Vincent Union
Aydlott, John Union
Ayers, John Union
Bainbridge, Dr. Nathaniel Union
Bagley, Stephen Union
Baker, John Union
Baker, Sherod Union
Bane, Newton Confederate
Bankhead, Archie Confederate
Barnard, John Union
Barnes, Charles Union
Barns, Washington Union
Barr, John Union
Barrett, Benjamin Union
Barrett, George Union
Barrett, Robert Union
Barrow, Francis Confederate
Bartlett, Freeborn Union
Bartlett, Solon Union
Bass, Andrew Union
Bass, John Union
Bass, John M. Union
Basye, Samuel Union
Batchelor, William Union
Baxter, Hiram Union
Beasley, John Union
Bedell, Edwin Union
Bell, George Union
Bell, Henry Union
Benning, J.W. Union
Bernard, John Union
Blackmore, Zeth Union
Blackwell, William Confederate
Blain, James Union
Blivins, Jesse Union
Blood, William (Col.) Union
Bock, George Union
Boehm, Frank Union
Boken, Thomas Union
Bondurant, James Confederate
Booth, Benjamin Union
Boothe, Jas. E. Union
Bottoms, Archibald Union
Bowman, Jas. Union
Boyd, Levi Union
Bradbury, Anson Confederate
Bradbury, George Union
Branstetter, Steven Union
Branstetter, Richard Union
Branstetter, William Union
Branstetter, Simon Union
Brantlinger, D.L. Union
Bratcha, Francis Union
Bratcha, Thomas Union
Brazier, Perry Union
Brice, Nathaniel Confederate
Bridwell, F.S. Union
Brooke, Francis Union
Brooke, John Union
Brooke, J.B. Union
Brroks, Joseph Union
Brophy, John Union
Brown, Henry (Col.) Union
Brown, Mark T. Confederate
Brown, Martin Union
Brown, Solomon  Union
Brown, William Union
Browing, John Union
Bryson, William N. Union
Buckles, George Union
Buchanan, William Union
Burbridge, Clinton Confederate
Brubridge, John Confederate
Buckholder, Alex Union
Burris, John Union
Butler, A.F. Union
Butler, Joseph Union
Butters, James Union
Buts, Wilson Union
Campbell, Henry Union
Campbell, John Union
Campbell, Robert Union
Campbell, Wiley Confederate
Capps, William Union
Carpenter, Louis Union
Carr, Warren Union
Carter, Martin Union
Carroll, Elias Union
Carroll, Henry Union
Carroll, Joseph Confederate
Carroll, Mathew (Col.) Union
Carson, George Union
Carter, Matthew Union
Cartmill, James Union
Cartmill, Marshal Union
Cassway, Henry Union
Caverly, William Union
Chamberlain, James Union
Chamberlain, John Union
Chamberlain, Thomas Union
Chartters, William Confederate
Cherry, William Union
Christian, William Union
Clark, James Confederate
Clifton, Henry Union
Clithero, Joseph Union
Cluster, Cicero Union
Cickran, Thomas Union
Cole, Elijah Union
Cole, John Union
Conklin, William Union
Connely, Tom Union
Conner, Allen (Col.) Union
Conrad, Frank Union
Cook, Seth Union
Coolings, John Union
Craft, Isaac Union
Craig, John S. Union
Craig, John T. Union
Creech, Thomas Union
Creighton, William Union
Culwell, Jame Union
Culwell, Joseph Confederate & Union*
Cunningham, Thomas Union
Cunningham, William Union
Currie, Frank Union
Dalton, Thomas Confederate
Daniels, Albert Union
Davenport, John Union
Davis, Joe Union
Davis, Lafayette Confederate
Davis, Nicholas Union
de Groodt, C.L. Union
de Groodt, John Union
Dillender, Milton Union
Dillender, William Union
Dillon, John Union
Dixon, Frank Confederate
Dodson, Smith Union
Doudo, William Union
Doughtery, Frank (Col.) Union
Doughtery, Charles Union
Douglas, William Union
Downing, James Confederate
Doyle, Francis Union
Draper, Charles Union
Draper, Daniel Union
Draper, Philander Union
Dreyfus, Albert Union
Duncan, William Union
Dyer, David Union
Dyer, Eli Union
Dyer, Frank Union
Eastin, Brutus Confederate
Eastin,  James Confederate
Eastin, John Confederate
Eastin, Oscar Confederate
Eastin, Rowland Confederate
Ebgenlergen, Fred Union
Ebenezer, George Union
Edwards, Andrew Union
Prewitt, N.S.  Prisoner of War
Edwards, John Union
Edwards, Luther Union
Emery, Isaac Union
English, John Union
Erby, Scott (Col.) Union
Estes, Joseph Union
Evans, Henry Union
Farmer, Moses Union
Farnsworth, John Union
Farrell, William Union
Ficklen, T.J. Union
Fielder, John Union
Fielder, Thomas Union
Fillinger, John Union
Finley, David Union
Fleece, James Union
Fleischman, Frank Union
Flowers, B.F. Union
Foley,  C.E. Union
Followwill, James Union
Fox, Richard Union
Friar, J.D. *
Frier, Ambrose Union
Frier, James Union
Frier, Jasper Union
Frier, John Union
Gailey, Joseph Union
Gamble, John Union
Gannaway, William Union
Gregor, George Union
Gentry, Jesse Union
Gibles, Harve  Confederate
Gibson, David Union
Gibson, Henry Union
Godwin, William Union
Giamley, Aquilla Union
Giffith, Thomas Union
Gibles, John Union
Gillum, Simeon Confederate
Givens, James Union
Givens, Lawson Union
Glenn, John Union
Godwin, Thomas Union
Godwin, William  Union
Goodman, Daniel Union
Goodman, Josiah Union
Goodmar, Peter Union
Goodwin, Richard Union
Goodpasture, Benjamin Union
Gourley, Montgomery Union
Gourley, Walker Union
Grace, Thomas Union
Grady, Thomas Union
Greene, George Union
Green, Roland Union
Griffin, Thomas Union
Greenwood, Millen Union
Griffith, Nicholas Union
Grimmett, Clead Union
Grimmett, Henry Union
Grimmett, James Confederate
Grimmett, Nicholas Confederate
Grimmett, Sam Confederate
Haden, Robert Union
Haden, William Union
Haley, Frank Union
Haley, Josh Union
Hall, J.M. Confederate
Hall, William Union
Hamlett, William1 Confederate
Hammond, Robert Union
Haney, Charles Union
Harbold, Jacob Confederate
Harlow, Sam Confederate
Harper, Elizah Union
Harris, Henry (Col.) Union
Harris, William Confederate
Hart, Henry Union
Hatton, Sam Union
Haught, Michael Union
Hawkins, Edward Confederate
Hawkins, George Confederate
Hawkins, Richard Confederate
Hemphill, James Union
Henderson, Henry Union
Henderson, William Union
Hendrick, John Union
Hendricks, James Union
Henry, J.A. Union
Henry, Walker Union
Herring, George Union
Hesser, Henry Union
Hiherlin, John Sr. Union
Higginbotham, H.H. Confederate
Higginbotham, Thomas Confederate
Hill, Clifton Union
Hill, Joseph (Col.) Union
Hillger, James Union
Hinton, Benjamin Union
Hobles, Dave (Col.) Union
Hobles, William Union
Holland, James Union
Holland, John Union
Holmes, Daniel Confederate
Housman, Isaac Union
Howard, Lawson Union
Howdeshell, John Union
Howerton, William Union
Hughey, S.W. Union
Hughlett, Sam Union
Hughlett, Thomas Union
Hume, W.J. Union
Humphrey, Benjamin Union
Hunter, Charles Union
Hunter, David Union
Hunter, John Union
Hunter, Tom Union
Ince, Thomas Union
Inge, William Buck Confederate
Ingram, Joseph Union
Inman, Shadrack Union
Ives, Theron Union
Jackson, William Union
Jacobs, Stephen Union
Jacobs, William Confederate
James, John Union
James, Levi Union
James, William Union
Jameson, Zack Confederate
Jenkins, William Union
Jeater, William Union
Johnby, Miller Union
Johns, Abyah Union
Johnson, Columbus Union
Johnson, Edward Union
Johnson, James (Col.) Union
Johnson, Thomas Union
Jones, Alison Union
Jones, John Union
Jones, Michael J. Confederate
Jones, Sam Union
Jordan, James Union
Keeton, Albert Union
Kieth, Enos Union
Keith, James H. Union
Keith, James M. Union
Keith, James R. Union
Keith Stephen H. Union
Keith, William M. Union
Kelch, Thomas P. Confederate
Kendrick, George Union
Kendrick, Richard Union
Kendrick, Thomas Union
Kenney, John *
Kenney, William *
Kilby, John Union
Kincaide, James Confederate
Kincaide, William Confederate
King, James Union
Kingston, Sam *
Kingston, W.W. *
Kirkey, Benjamin Union
Kissinger, James Union
Lafferty, Abraham Union
Lafferty, George Union
Langston, William Union
Laurence, Arch D. Union
Leavy, James Union
Lister, John Union
Lonergan, Patrick Union
Long, Frederick Union
Lovelace, William Union
Lucas, Samuel Union
Luce, Lewis Union
Luck, John Union
Luck, Thomas Union
Ludwig, Charles Union
Lynn, Robert Union
Mabry, Jonathan *
Mackey, J.S. *
Madden, J.A. Union
Maddox, Francis Union
Madison, Harold Union
Mahaffey, John Union
Major, Reed Confederate
Marsh, Thomas Confederate
MaMartin, Ezra Union
Martin, Hugh Union
Martin, Minor *
Martin, Riler Union
Martin, Theodore Union
Massy, Julius *
Maxwell, John Union
Maxwell, William Union
McIntyre, John Union
Merriwether, F.T. Confederate
Merriwether, William Confederate
Middleton, John Confederate
Mills, James Union
Milroy, James Union
Milroy, Jeremiah Union
Milroy, John Union
Minor, Nicholas Confederate
Miner, Sam Confederate
Mix, John Union
McLean, William Confederate
Moore, C.L. Confederate
Moore, J.K. Confederate
Moore, John G. Union
Moore, Osborn J. Confederate
Moore, F.P. Union
Ewell (sp?), Thomas Confederate
Morris, Joshua Union
Morris Nicholas Union
Morow, Thomas Union
Mosely, William Union
Mountjoy, William Union
Moss, Jess (Col.) Union
Mudd, William Union
Mull, James Union
Mullins, Beauford Union
Murphy, Charles Union
Murphy, James Union
Myers, Daniel Union
McAdams, Armstrong Union
McAlister, Daniel Union
McBride, Madison Confederate
McBride, William Union
McCallister, John Union
McCarty, Thomas Union
McCollester, John Union
McCowen, C.H. Union
McCree, George Union
McCuen, Dr. Edward Union
McCune, Harvey Confederate
McDonald, C.M. Union
McElevee, Charles Union
McGary, William Union
McGinnis, Thomas Union
McIlroy, John Union
McKelvey, Abraham Union
McLoed, John Union
McMoore, Andrew Union
McNelly, P.M. *
McPike, James Union
McPike, Richard Union
McQuie, Alex Union
McWhirt, Cornelius Union
McWilliams, James Union
Nally, Butler Union
Nelson, Hopson *
Nelson, James Union
Nelson, John Confederate
Nelson, Richerson Confederate
Nicholson, Robert Union
Noel, M.P. Union
Normer, John Union
North, Charles Union
Offutt, James Confederate
Ogden, George Union
Ogden, Hiram Union
Ogden, James Union
Oglesby, Richard Union
Olnahausen, Anders Union
Olney, Jesse Union
Omohundro, Thomas Confederate
O'Neil, John Union
Orr, Sam Union
Orr, Thomas Union
Orr, Wiliam Union
Owen, J.R. Union
Owen, Robert Union
Owens, William Confederate
Page, Robert Confederate
Painter, James Union
Parks, Earl Union
Parks, James Union
Parks, Nicholas Union
Patterson, James Union
Patterson, Joseph Union
Peay, J.J. Militia
Pegan, Joseph Union
Penix, James *
Penix, William Union
Penn, R.M. Union
Pepperdine, John *
Pepperdine, Malen *
Perkins, Albert Union
Perkins, Henry Union
Peterman, Henry Union
Peu, David Union
Phillips, Morris Union
Pickett, W.C. Union
Pierce, Jonathan Union
Pimple, George Union
Pitzer, Charles Union
Pitzer, William Union
Philemon, Plummer Union
Pollard, Sam Confederate
Porter, Robert Union
Powell, Thomas Union
Poyser, Adelbert Union
Pracht, Christian Union
Pray, Hiram Union
Preston, William Union
Preston, E.J. Union
Prettyman, William Union
Prewitt, Henry Union
Pribe, Henry Union
Price, Slertery (Gen.) Confederate
Pritchett, Abraham Union
Pritchett, James Union
Pritchett, William Confederate
Pryer, William Union
Pugh, Jackson Union
Ragesdale, C.A. Union
Randolph, Harrison Union
Raney, George Union
Rector, James Union
Reeder, W.H. Union
Reid, Alexander Union
Reynolds, William Union
Rice, F.B. Union
Rice, H.A. (Capt.) Union
Rice, J.T. Union
Richards, C.B. Union
Richards, Frederick Union
Richards, Fred Union
Richards, Samuel Union
Rivere, Hiram Union
Roberts, Frederich Union
Roberts, George H. Union
Roberts, Morris Union
Roberts, Neal Union
Roberts, William Union
Robertson, James Union
Robinson, Henry Union
Rogers, J.W. Union
Rogers, Joseph Union
Rowley, Jabez Union
Rowley, Joel Union
Ruffin, Meredith Union
Ruffin, Sam Union
Ruffe, Henry Confederate
Sallee, William Union
Sanderson, John Confederate
Scott, Henry Union
Scott, Spencer Union
Scottin, S.G. Union
Shadwell, George Union
Shadwell, Richard Union
Shattuck, Arte Union
Shaw, Champ Confederate
Shaw, William Union
Shelton, Henry Union
Shepherd, Ed Union
Shepherd, Foster Union
Sherry, Orman Union
Shoenthaler, C. Union
Shores, Nelson Union
Show, Samuel Union
Shrader, William Union
Shrout, James Union
Setleman, William Union
Sinclair, Jonres Confederate
Sisson, Isaac Union
Sisson, Landrum Confederate
Sladek, Albert Union
Sledd, A.A. Confederate
Sloan, Philander (Col.) Union
Smack, Jesse Union
Smilley, Willis (Col.) Union
Smashey, William T. Union
Smith, E.T. Confederate
Smith, Edward Union
Smith, George (Col.) Union
Smith, George M. Union
Smith, John R. Union
Smith, J.S. Union
Smith, Oliver Union
Smith, William (Col.) Union
Snead, John Confederate
South, Collin Union
South, John Union
South, Phillip Union
Spaulding, Lee Union
Sparks, Benjamin Union
Springer, Cornelius Union
Springer, Frank Union
Stephens, Edward Union
Stapleton, George Union
Steele, Edwin Union
Steele, Jack Union
Stevens, Deke Union
Stevens, Johnson Union
Stone, William Confederate
Stephens, James Union
Stotler, William Union
Strauley, George Union
Strother, James Union
Sullivan, Thomas Union
Sullivan, W.L. Union
Summers, Richard Union
Swaggerty, Janes Union
Swope, Jacob Union
Tadlock, William Union
Tanner, W.L. Union
Taylor, Mathew Union
Templeton, George Union
Teppen, Herman Confederate
Thompson, Andrew Union
Thomson, William Union
Thornton, Joseph Union
Throe, William Union
Tinsley, Madison Union
Tinsley, Payton Union
Tusdale, James Union
Todd, Benjamin Union
Todd, Ibson Union
Todd, John Union
Tolton, John Union
Tracey, Edward Union
Trainor, Adam Union
Traunor, John Union
Trower, George Union
Trower, Henry Union
Trower, James Union
Trower, Jesse Union
Trower, Rolt Union
Tumilty, John Sr. Union
Tumilty, Thomas Union
Turley, Hawson Union
Turpin, Woodson Confederate
Urban, Emanuel Union
Vallanderghan, Jeff Union
Vanardale, A.J. Union
Vanardale, William Union
Vannoy, A.C. Union
Vannoy, Humphrey Union
Vannoy, James Union
Vannoy, John Union
Vannoy, William Union
Vernum, Alfred Union
Venable, James Union
Vonrestenrosted, George Union
Vortrees, Samuel Union
Wade, Dawson Union
Wagner, George Union
Waldohlger, Joseph Union
Washington, Benjamin Union
Washington, Thornton (Col.) Union
Wasson, Hugh Union
Waugh, James Confederate
Waugh, William Confederate
Wells, John Confederate
West, Thomas Union
Wetherall, George Union
Whiteside, Joseph Union
Wilhoit, Benjamin Confederate
Williams, George Union
Williams, William Union
Wilson, Isaac Union
Wemer, James Union
Wisdom, Carroll Confederate
Wisdom, Van Confederate
Weseman, Frederick Union
Wesemar, Theodore Union
Wood, Henry Union
Woodson, Richard Union
Worrell, Elias Confederate
Worrell, Hiram Union
Worsher, John Union
Wright, John Confederate
Wright, William Union
Wright, William T. Union
Wyatt, Dawson Union
Wyland, J.H.D. Union
Yates, James Confederate
Young, John Confederate


1William Hamlett's loyalty is proven by his ggranddaughter who has his service papers. He served in Capt Arch Bankhead's Co (confederate) and Brutus Eastin was the 1st Lt. (confederate). 

2William N. Allen was a Corporal and in the Pike County Battalion. He served about two years and then went to Montana.
--submitted by Tom Richards




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