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Pike County Genealogical Society has a new home! The old Pike County Jail building (at #5 East Church Street in Bowling Green) has been acquired and IS NOW the Pike County Museum and Genealogical Center. 

As exciting as our new home is, it comes with a definite need for displayable items. Donations will be MOST welcome. We need unique historical items. If you or someone you know have something pertaining to Pike County and want to get rid of it, please think of us first.

See and learn about our new home here.


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The plot book for the Eolia Baptist Cemetery has gone missing! 

It is believed to have been accidentally sold at Mrs. Ogle's sale years ago.  If you happen to know the current whereabouts, whether it has been saved or not, please let us know ASAP so we can get that information to the appropriate party.


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August 6, 2016

Echo Newsletter added for 2014-2015 and 2016

New Resources shared

A new Family link has been added

Obituary added for William H. Carroll

Wedding announcement added for Harry Carroll & Lillie Crider



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No-Longer-A-Mystery Marriage License  

Do you have a marriage announcement or 
license you would like to add? We are now 
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to our listings. 
You can see an announcement example here.
You can see a license example here.

Families, Bios and


John Walter Basye

Brimer Family

Buffum Tool Company

Curry Family

Hughey A. Henry

O'Brien Pictures (& Article)

William Patterson - 1759-1847

The Price Family in Pike County

Sketch of Miles S. Price

John E. Scott

Scott's Spring

Stark Family

David Tombs


Here you will find bits, pieces and clippings from old newspapers. These give us wonderful glimpses into the lives of our ancestors. If you have any newspaper stories/clippings you would like to add, please forward them to Rhonda.

Please be considerate and do not forward material 
which is copyrighted by someone else.


1860 Indian Creek Township  
Pike County Poor Farm: 1870-1920 
1870 Census Index by Township 
Census Questions by year


All census records for Pike County are now available at the Genealogy library in book form. 

Missouri Death Certificates, 
1910 1965 Now Online!

There are links to most images and
they will send you photocopies of the others for only $1.00 each!



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We are happy to add actual obituaries - transcription and/or a scanned image to our listings. 

If you have an obituary you would like to add, 
you may send it to Rhonda
Please include the date and name of 
the newspaper in which it was published.

We have a partial listing of the obituaries available at our library. You may see a list of them here.

Are you looking for information 
on an ancestor buried in Pike County? 

Although we have a lot of that information on this website, a new resource has been created by the Pike County Genealogy Society. Click here to learn more about this tremendous new resource and to learn how you can help!

We Need Photos!!

The new cemetery books need your help in order to make them awesome!! That is, we need your photos of your family in Pike County Cemeteries.  Their page includes a picture of their stone, obit, death certificate, & photo of the person.  If you have their obit & death certificate if it was after 1961 we need it. Having all of that makes these books better resources for future generations.  Please share what you can and please do it soon.  Our address is: PCGS, PO  Box 313, Bowling Green, MO 63334.

Only YOU can make them AWESOME!

Churches and 


Our cemetery pages include: 

  • some with complete census listings.

  • tombstone pictures on some.

  • a few just have pictures of the cemetery.

We truly hope you find what you are looking for, but please keep in mind our offerings are only as good as our contributions! If you have pictures or listings, we would be more than happy to receive them. You can always email them to us!


or By Township


Cemetery Cleaning Project
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Brick Wall Mysteries

We have added a section in which PCGS 
members are welcome to list their personal
"Brick Walls". If someone receives a tip which
helps break their brick wall, we would love to hear
about it and will post it with the original mystery!

Mystery Marriage License SOLVED!
Dickie, Who was this small, one-armed boy?
Felix Buchanan - Where did he go? SOLVED!
Cox / Kull - Who does this Bible belong to?



The townships of this part of Missouri were once divided into four great divisions (when Pike County was still part of the Louisiana Purchase), known as Cape Girardeau, Sainte Genevieve, Saint Louis and Saint Charles. Once Pike County was established in 1818, it contained four of its own townships: Buffalo, Calumet, Mason and Peno. In 1981 there are 10 townships within Pike County, legally designated as Ashley, Buffalo, Calumet, Cuivre, Hartford, Indian, Peno, Prairieville, Salt River and Spencer.

More Sources of Information

What Does That Mean?

Pike County Poor Farm Cemetery Restoration information
WWII POW Camp in Louisiana, MO Gone - and, too often, forgotten
Orphan Train Preservationists fight for old cemeteries
Amish in Pike County 1913 letter from Louisa Petty Milburn
Shortline Railroad 1809 Newspaper Article
Bond for the Building of the Bethlehem Meeting Article Shorts from the Middletown Chips, pub. July 17, 1930
          House & Commissioners Order Article Shorts from the Middletown Chips, pub. May 22, 1930
Probate Information Pike's Past Lost in the Woods
History of Old  Buffalo Fort 1813 Letter to Secretary of War

1910 Letter from Chicaskia Stock Farm to Mr. M.O. Biggs
Photos from Around the County - Both new and old 1911 Letter from E. C. Long Mfg. Co. to Dr. M. O. Biggs
County Churches Articles from the Bowling Green Times
Louisiana Murals Article Reporting Jordans Killed by Indians
Old Post Cards of Pike County News Clippings from the Past
World War II News Clippings including pictures of soldiers

My Journey by Audrey Jones Pictures Shared by our Friends 
How Christmas Came to the Poor House.... Who Are These People and Where Are They?
Fair weather stories What?  Where?  Who?

Pictures were found in the attic of the Biggs' House
Pike County US GenWeb Site Pictures donated by Bertha Marshall

New Hartford School Pictures
Research by Bowen A. Rogers regarding Louisiana cemeteries

Civil War Soldiers from Pike County
Riches Mined from the RootsWeb Review
How to Communicate Effectively in Genealogy Little Africa
Photography - History and Preservation


Family Pages

Gayle Franklin Home Page


Kerley Family


LowAry Home Page

Marilyn Hudson Moore Home Page

Martin Family

Mulherin (Contact Patricia T. for access) 



Whitledge, etc.


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The charter for the Pike County Missouri Genealogical Society as a non-profit corporation was granted in 1999 under Mo. Code 355 RSMO. The Society's purpose is to preserve the history of the people of  Pike County, to aid researchers in their quest for information on their ancestors in Pike County, and to teach and encourage new researchers. 

Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month (except December) at 1:30 p.m. at the Genealogy Library at #5 East Church St., Bowling Green, MO.

As of 20 Aug 2015, officers are: Audrey Jones, President; Marie Haught, Vice President; Valerie Kottwitz, Secretary; Linda Jo Harmon, Treasurer; Pat Thomas, elected Board Member



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