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Notes from Pat King, submitter:

Dear Rhonda,

I have scanned, in addition to the ones I mentioned to you, the genealogy of Sina Sharp who was married to Sgt. David Tombs, as well as that of Agnes Ballew who was married to John Walter Bayse.

I know that a book on the Bayse Family is at the Louisiana, Pike Co., MO Library, because that is where I found it, got the genealogy bug, and contacted the son of the author, Otto Bayse.

I had an unbelievable feeling of deja vu at the library, which I found was located on the very spot that John Walter Bayse built his first home.

I probably have more on the Bayse Family than any other, so have not even looked on your website for him. Will do so, and send anything that is missing, and might seem appropriate.

The Ballew journey has been the most interesting, and as a former English teacher, I researched it as if for a novel I hoped to someday write. (He was definitely my black sheep!)

Alas, this is not to be, but I did provide a lot of information to others who are researching and writing about him, and will be happy to share whatever anyone in Pike Co. finds of interest.

I also have the complete lineage of Arough Trout back to Germany, (which includes Boogher/Bucher/ Read/ Christ) and all that is known so far about her husband, Robert Mix. They had Isabella Virginia Mix who married Pvt. Daniel Anders.

They had Laura Belle Anders who married James William Tombs, son of Samuel Alexander Tombs and America Susan Whitledge, with her sister Sara Whitledge Doyle, as his stepmother, all of Pike Co. MO.

Also would share this, though these people are buried in Sanger, Fresno Co.CA.

Pat King

Dear Rhonda,

I do have records, copies, etc. but am hoping that people with specific questions will ask for them, because I will never be able to organize it all physically.

The Mix Research is being done by a man who contacted me many years ago. He was still active on Gen Forum the last time I looked, and has not yet solved our Robert Mix puzzle. (Sorry I can't remember his name, and he does not include it with this research.)

Pvt. Daniel Anders served in the Civil War and I have his records. He was in a prison camp on Pea Patch Island in Delaware (Fort Delaware) for over a year. I went there and marvel at how he survived. He was in a couple of others before then, and managed to escape.

His younger brother, Philip, also served.

Please send me questions, or requests for anything that is of interest. 

Pat King

Dear Rhonda,

This attached article was sent to me recently by a Whitledge "cousin" descended from William Whitledge. (She did not have its source.) In it, the confusion about Captain John Whitledge's death is explained. He was shot by a lone Indian, but did die "peacefully at his Bourbon County KY home surrounded by his family" as described in his obituary which I sent to you a while back

This William Whitledge also was killed by Indians in Bullitt Co. KY. And after studying Pedigree of President Obama, this William appears to be his ancestor. This has to be my closest relationship to an American President!

The article includes so much information about the history of many Pike Co. MO families, I thought that it should be brought to your attention. The article does not mention that Captain John Whitledge was married to Alcey Freetor, daughter of Moses and Elizabeth Horton Freetor. Alcey next married Francis Callis.

As the attached article begins: "Very interesting and food for thought."

Really enjoy your website! Pat King

Dear Rhonda--I just looked at your new updated website, and I am so embarassed that I couldn't create a more cohesive presentation of my 30 years of research. My stuff is not up to snuff--but neither am I, so I am happy to see that at least I have left some building blocks for future researchers on your webpage. At least your viewers have proof that research is a somewhat sloppy exercise-- always trying to improve. 

I commentd you for putting it all out there on your webpage. So many people's research has been thrown out when they get old and die. And you have created an environment where I guess I feel comfortable to let people see what can happen when age and/or disease takes its toll.

There are quite a few Rev. War Patriots in this family. In the Trout line alone, both fathers of Jacob Trout b. 1781 and his wife Charlotte Boogher b. 1791 had fathers who were Captains in the Rev. War and eligible for DAR membership, as were Capt. John Whitledge b. 1734, and Moses Fritter b.c. 1726, and James McDonald, grandfather of John Delaware Curry. Then there is Samuel Sharp b. 2 May 1736, and possibly Edmond Bayse b.c. 1735. I am a member of DAR and see that it would be quite easy to prove all of these Patriots--but I am still trying to solve my other dead-ends.

And, I do believe that Bennett Ballew pllayed on both sides of the War, but his father Charles was a Tory.

Anyway, thanks for sharing my information, and know that I will get it all written up in a more formal presentation--if I am able. . .Sincerely, Pat King

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