Estate of Elijah SIDWELL Decd' - Relinquishment of Widow

Transcribed by Lorraine Llewellyn April 2002, contact 
7th great granddaughter of John Todd Sr. and Mary(?)Todd

State of Missouri County of Pike.

I hereby relinquish my right to Administer on the Estate of my late husband Elijah SIDWELL Deceased, and request that letters may be granted to Robert Y. SMITH and Dudley SIDWELL.
Witness my hand and seal this 20th of October A. D. 1856.
Harriet L. x SIDWELL (SEAL)
Recorded 1 November 1856
S. W. FINLEY Judge

Source Repository: Missouri Probate Records vol. 4-5 Pike Co. Film # 0956909 pg. 43? Family History Library, 35 N. West Temple St., Salt Lake city, UT. 84150 USA

Estate of Elijah SIDWELL Decd' - Bond of Oaths of Administration

Know all men by these present, that We, Dudley SIDWELL and Robert Y. SMITH as principle and Willis SIDWELL and James WIGGINTON as securities, are held and firmly Bound unto the State of Missouri in the sum of Twenty Thousand Dollars, for the true payment of which we hereby bind ourselfs, our Heirs, Executors, and Administration.
Witness our hands and seals, this Twenty Third day of October A. D. 1856. The condition of this bond is, that if Dudley SIDWELL & Robert Y. SMITH Administrators of the Estate of Elijah SIDWELL deceased, shall faithfully Administer said Estate, account for, pay and deliver all money and property of said estate, and perform all other things touching said administration required by Law, or the order or device of any court having Jurisdiction, these the above bond to be void, otherwise to remain in full force.
Dudley Sidwell (SEAL)
Robert Y. Smith (SEAL)
Willis Sidwell (SEAL)
James Wigginton (SEAL)

State of Missouri County of Pike

S.S. Dudley SIDWELL and Robert Y. SMITH being duly sworn on their oaths says that Harriett L. SIDWELL Widow, John w. SIDWELL, Sarah SIDWELL, Martha SIDWELL, Rebecca SIDWELL, Mary SIDWELL, Francis M. SIDWELL, & Jesse SIDWELL, Residents of Pike County Missouri to the best of their knowledge and belief are the only heirs of Elijah SIDWELL Deceased; that said deceased died without a Will, # that they will make a perfect Inventory of, and faithfully Administer all the estate of said Deceased, and pay the debts as far as the affects will extend and the law direct, and account for, and pay all assets which come to their possession or knowledge.

Subscribed and sworn to before me Dudley SIDWELL
This twenty third day of October AD 1856 S. W. FINLEY-Judge of Probate Dudley SIDWELL (Signed)
Robert Y. SMITH (Signed)
Recorded 1st. Nov. 1856 |
Signed: S. W. Finley Judge of Probate

Source Repository: Will Book _____ pg. 453&454 Bourbon County, Kentucky
Copy held by Lorraine Llewellyn