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     "Hugh Jackson was a linin [sic] draper here in 1660, just 200 years prior to our Civil War. He was the father of four sons, all of whom were farmers and lived in that neighborhood. Their names in order of their birth were: John; Hugh; Samuel; and Andrew. Andrew the youngest became the father of General Andrew Jackson; and Samuel became the father of Christopher Jackson, the Pike County pioneer."


     "The writer of this interesting letter, full of just such facts as make the historian happy, was a niece of the late Julius Caesar Jackson, of Pike Co., Mo., and therefore a cousin to all his children, and the children of Mrs. Providence Eidson of the County, and those of her sister, Mrs. Rachel Chilton of Randolph County, Mo."


     "Beneath the shade of a grand old oak (20 feet in circumference) that has withstood the storms of three hundred years of [sic] more, in the center of the Jackson Cemetery, west of the city of Louisiana, may be seen the graves of Christopher Jackson and Catherine, his wife, side by side who came to Pike Co. as early as 1824 and entered land lying alon the fertile valley of Noix Creek, and extending to a point within the present corporate limits of the city of Louisiana- land that is now occupied by their descendants of the fifth generation. 
     "A plain shaft carved from the native sand-stone [sic] marks the resting place of the patriarch of the Jackson family in Pike County. 
     "The simple inscription carved by his oldest son Julius, can still be read:
                   "Christopher Jackson
                   "Born January 8, 1768
                   "Died July 22, 1831

                   "Catherine Jackson
                   "Born July 19, 1768
                   "Died October 30, 1857
                   "Aged 89 years."


     "On receipt of a letter from his father in April 1831, [Julius Caesar Jackson] sold his home and disposed of most of his personal property, and in July 1831 left Ky. with a simple outfit of three wagons drawn by oxen and two saddle horses for Pike Co., Mo. One wagon contained his wife and four small children, viz: Attella, Cortes, Columbus, and Marcella. After a Journey of more than two months, having been delayed by sickness of the children, he arrived at the home of his father, to find that he had already died."

This document is full of wonderful, historical and genealogical information.

Sketch of the JACKSON Family in America


Compiled by-- Clayton Keith- Husband of Mary (Barnard) 
Keith. Mary Banard [sic] was a daughter of Mrs. Attella 
(Jackson) Barnard, oldest child of Julius Caesar Jackson.



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